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Commercial Exhaust System Service & Maintenance

Whether your commercial space is a small location or an entire shopping center, Triangle Environmental can provide expert solutions for your commercial exhaust system needs. We understand that a well-functioning exhaust system is critical to having a business that functionings effectively. Your employees and customers will appreciate the difference in a well-ventilated building. Let us get your commercial space ventilated optimally and ready for anything!

Exhaust System Services in Chicago Metro

Services On Commercial Equipment

Triangle provides service on a variety of commercial equipment:

  • Air Handlers
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Make-up Air Units

Our exhaust system contractors are experienced and offer an accurate diagnosis of the problem to provide a solution personalized to your property and equipment.

Need more than a standard exhaust system? As HVAC-Refrigeration professionals we are extremely familiar with commercial kitchens and can help you with your vent hood and exhaust fans design and installation. Even if you already have an exhaust system in place for your cooking space, we make it more efficient and safer than ever. Whether you have exhaust fans that are not adequately disposing of fumes or a make-up air system that is inefficient, Triangle Environmental will help find a cost-effective solution.

Contact Triangle Environmental today at 815-439-0300.

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