Create Healthier Environments

During this time of rapid change and uncertainty, Triangle Environmental remains a trusted leader in the Chicagoland HVAC service and repair community with over 37 years in the industry and continues to create healthier environments for our clients.  

 The CDC has posted Recommendations for creating and maintaining a healthier indoor environment:

HVAC Solutions That Create Healthier Environments During COVID

Increase Outside Make-Up Air


  • Relatively easy to install for new or existing building applications
  • Improves general health and comfort in a building
  • Hydrates virus particles in the air, which adds weight & size causing decreased airborne time

Filtration: Modifications to increase MERV or HEPA ratings are easy cost-effective solutions.

UV-C Lighting Solutions in Chicagoland

UV-C Lighting

  • UV-C Lighting can kill both surface and airborne viruses when installed for a 240-260nm spectrum.
  • UV Lighting on coils will keep them clean and operating at a higher efficiency.
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Bipolar Ionization in Chicagoland

Bipolar Ionization

  • Travels through the building and actively kills viruses in the airstream and occupied spaces.
  • Low energy consumption and almost no annual maintenance cost.
  • Removes building odors and bacteria, and converts harmful VOC’s to O2, CO2, NO, and H20.
  • Bipolar ionization also keeps coils clean and operating at higher efficiencies.
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