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Commercial Refrigeration Service & Repair

Triangle Environmental: Chicago’s Commercial HVAC Specialists

If you own a restaurant, grocery store, or another facility that requires refrigeration for food or other products, your business depends on a fully working system. Fresh meat and produce, medications, and biological specimens are examples of countless items that must be frozen or kept in a cool environment. When the compressor, fan, refrigerant, or other components fail or show weak performance, then you need a seasoned professional to handle it. That’s where we come in.

Triangle Environmental has spent years helping business clients in Chicagoland with commercial refrigeration service and repairs in addition to our commercial HVAC services. We keep your freezers, coolers, ice makers plus more running at full capacity with year-round service. This ensures that you don’t lose time or money due to a faulty part or dead unit. Our commercial maintenance helps you avoid unnecessary breakdowns while commercial refrigeration repairs fix the unexpected.

Comprehensive Refrigeration Services

Is your walk-in cooler fan groaning or not keeping its temperature? Has your freezer been a landmark of your kitchen for the past 10 years? These and countless other scenarios are reasons to call Triangle Environmental for commercial refrigeration service. Keeping up with maintenance and minor repairs on your refrigeration systems wards off more expensive damage and extends the life of your equipment, just like with your commercial HVAC equipment.

A system that’s weakening or running on faulty parts can also spike your energy bill by using a significant increase in power trying to keep up with the demand. The risks of an electrical fire and spoiled food are dangerous to staff and customers, as well as detrimental to your finances. When you need maintenance, repairs, or emergency services in a hurry, call Triangle Environmental. We provide commercial refrigeration repairs and services in the Chicago area for any of the following:

  • Emergency Service: Fixing unforeseen breakdowns and problems with coolers, freezers, ice machines, prep tables, and medical chillers.
  • Refrigeration ServiceInspections, repairs, and scheduled maintenance to ensure your unit functions properly.
  • Ice Machine ServiceTesting efficiency, disassembly and cleaning, repairs, and replacement of parts for maintenance or urgent situations.

Reasons to Call Triangle Environmental

Triangle Environmental has been providing commercial refrigeration services to Chicago, IL-area businesses for decades. Our experience has given us insight into a broad range of system issues and how to avoid or resolve them. You can always count on our professional service technicians for prompt and reliable service at a fair price. If you have an old or faulty system, we’ll explain what your most cost-effective option would be, repairing or replacing.

We’re dedicated to building and retaining your trust on everything from simple inspections to commercial refrigeration repairs and replacements. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we complement our fair pricing and straightforward advice with solid work ethics on every job. You can also count on us to work with you to perform any service or maintenance to suit your business needs and schedule. Being a family-owned business means staying committed to honest values in business.

Count on Premium Service for Refrigeration

Businesses around Chicago, IL have trusted Triangle Environmental for commercial HVAC service since 1983, and our commercial refrigeration service is just as dependable. We also provide high-quality inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacements to get the most out of your equipment and save you money. Our dedicated customer service and detail-oriented work is your best asset for walk-in coolers, ice machines, freezers, and more.

Along with outstanding service that comes from over three decades of experience, we also provide excellent warranties to assure that if anything goes wrong, we’ll solve the problem. For premium refrigeration service, including maintenance, inspections, repairs, and replacement, give Triangle Environmental a call today for service that leaves you satisfied.

24/7 Emergency Service,
365 Days a Year